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3 min readOct 22, 2020

SocialPay is the smart contract and decentralised version for rewarding tweeters. We will set prefix conditions on the smart contract which will query the data via twitter API.

SocialPay dApp link will go live on and shared on TG channel at 11pm SGT(Oct 22)!

How to claim SERGS?

Each tweeter can claim once a day. 10 SERGS are rewarded per tweet, with a minimum of 5 likes.

Mandatory Hashtags:

Community Hashtags:

If I am from zilliqa community and if I would like to participate and claim SERGS, I can tweet about $ZIL,$SERGS and include the mandatory hashtags.

Tweet Example:
“This is awesome, now I can earn SERGS for my tweets! $Zil is such a great community ! #SergsFam #BuiltonZil”

The above is just an example and if the tweet meets the condition of 5 likes, you can claim 10 SERGS via the socialpay dApp.

P.S We have blacklisted few words and will award only positive tweets. If you wish to claim SERGS, you can also tweet about upcoming events, what you like about the partner projects, etc.

Setup your ZilPay wallet at

So there are two concepts involved over here, which is SocialPay and NFT.
This ecosystem revolves around 2-token model where,

- $SSL will play governance part and earn the protocol fees.
- $SERGS will be the gateway token to farm(You, Just and Win). Burn it and mint NFTs.

SSL is an ERC-20 token and SERGS will be ZRC-2 token built on ZIL chain. We are building the dApp on their platform for multiple reasons, which favours in terms of gas fee, tx process.

To meet the interoperability, here will be ETH-ZIL BUSD/zBUSD bridge which is developed by Switcheo. This will help with the interaction between ETH and ZIL chain.

Please check out the below article for detailed info about ETH-ZIL bridge,

There will be staking introduced with 3 token contracts called YOU, JUST and WIN. Users will be staking SERGS to farm at least 1 YOU, JUST and WIN. This will then be burnt to mint a NFT. Once the NFT has been minted, it will be sold via mintable app market and following is how the fees will be flowing,

- 65% goes to the creator
- 25% goes to SSL incentive treasury.
- 10% goes to Dev pool.

This 25% protocol fees will be shared among SSL holders, for each NFTs been sold.

From SSL incentive treasury, it will be sent via bridge to ETH chain and the contract does the swapping of BUSD to LINK.

We will be doing in 3 phases,

Phase 1 — Earn SERGS via SocialPay dApp
Phase 2 — Stake SERGS to farm YOU,JUST and WIN. Burn it to mint NFT
Phase 3 — SSL incentive treasury for SSL holders to gain their fees via the bridge.

$SERGS tradeable at Zilswap !

$SSL tradeable at Uniswap !

Good Luck, Have Fun !