SERGS x Very NiFTy

  1. Mint NFT from SERGS dApp (
  2. Wrap minted SERGS NFT in Very Nifty platform (
  3. You will have to burn 200 $MUSE in order to perform the wrapping.
  4. Once wrapped, you will obtain vNFT and will be eligible to participate in their pooled vNFT game.
  5. Total of 6 players with their respective vNFTs. Entry fee will be 0.1ETH which will be pooled.
  6. Their pooled game uses chainlink VRF to determine the winner and winner takes all the 0.6 ETH.
  7. You can also use the vNFT to mine $MUSE, which in turn can be used to feed your vNFT to keep it alive.
  8. Please take note, there are certain rules where your vNFT will expire and get burnt if you DO NOT feed it on a daily basis.




Decentralised Application for SocialPay and NFT

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SSL Comms

SSL Comms

Decentralised Application for SocialPay and NFT

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