SERGS + SSL Ecosystem, Fee Structure

SSL Comms
3 min readNov 4, 2020

Dear community,

The past few days have been quite hectic for the team and I,but I am very happy that most of the migration is complete!

SERGS token contract have 2.5% transaction fee function for each trade(buy/sell). This fee will act as the protocol fees for both SERGS and SSL holders. And also for Liquidity providers.

Some of you were concerned with the 2.5 % transaction fee deducted. Do not worry about this. The fee has been accumulating in the treasury wallet and now it is close to 90k(approx 30k usd/ 2.25 Btc at current prices of Sergs and Btc).

Many of the community members were also requesting added benefits for liquidity providers.

Today I am pleased to announce we have addressed all these issues in one single step. A small step for us a giant leap for our ecosystem.

Starting tomorrow we will make a liquidity farming pool for Sergs — eth pair. The pool is currently being deployed on the testnet and I will move it to the mainnet within 2–3 days time after necessary testing. Works for a ssl-eth liquidity pool is also underway and we should have that by the end of the week.

Below is the breakdown of the protocol fees which is accumulated on the fee treasury,

30 % to SERGS-ETH LP farmers (tokens will be locked for 2 weeks)
30 % to SSL-ETH LP farmers (tokens will be locked for 2 weeks)
20 % to SSL holders *
20 % to SERGS holders *

* screenshots will be taken weekly for 4weeks. If wallets hold the same ssl /sergs consistently across all snapshots they will receive the rewards at end of the 4 weeks, if their holdings reduce they automatically lose the chance to get the rewards. This is to ensure only the true holders get the rewards overtime.

For fair distribution the fee structure will be based on the percentage of the liquidity provided or percentage of your holdings.

For the LP farmers in both sergs and ssl your fee will be given regularly and you can choose to claim it, however your liquidity will be locked for the 3 weeks duration. You can claim your earned sergs whenever you want.

To ensure we have organic growth, the FEE accumulated will not be distributed on one-go. It will be done in batches and the actual holders benefit long run.

Fee Treasury Address —

Marketing Wallet Address- 0xc14123561da7238680a31267620380541276e83e

Reserved Token Address —

We are looking forward to add 25% liquidity to LINKSWAP. There will be SERGS/LINK pair.

Passive income for the holders now have 2 options.
1. Stack SERGS and stake it in YOU,JUST,WIN pool to mint NFTs which will then be sold at NFT marketplace(Rarible/Opensea)

Everyone have their own strategy to maximise the benefit, do what is best for you!

Please take note, with 2.5% transaction fee applied for each trade(buy/sell), holders will benefit more and to ensure our ecosystem have a steady growth on a long run!

Also there are some big things in the pipeline with regards to the NFTs. Let’s see if it all falls into place.