NFT Liquidity via NFT20

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2 min readFeb 11, 2021

Dear Community

Our partner VeryNifty have developed a permission-less protocol to create ERC20 derivatives for your NFTs.

All the SERGS users who minted NFTs from SERGS Farm can create a new pool or add it to an existing pool and get ERC20 Token derivatives, those tokens can be transferred and traded on DEX’es like Uniswap.

Below are the steps to follow,

  1. Go to SERGS NFT20

2. Swap your SERGS NFT(ERC1155) to SERGS20(ERC20)

3. Add liquidity SERGS20/ETH pair in uniswap as per the price you prefer.

4. Your NFT will be liquid and users will be able to trade on it. Non-fungible becomes fungible.

5. You can also create auction for your NFT in NFT20 platform.

Get the NFT ID from SERGS store in opensea. Token ID represents it.

6. Once SERGS20/ETH pair has been added to liquidity and when SERGS liquidity grows, users will be able to farm $MUSE from NFT20 platform using their LP tokens.

7. With SERGS20, you will also be able to swap it for different NFT from SERGS pool.

Grow the liquidity pool, make it more tradeable and keep the swaps flexible.

Thank You! Peace.