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3 min readDec 1, 2020


Dear Community,

NFT dApp is scheduled to go live on 2nd of December at 11pm SGT. Below are the rules and necessary information you all should take note of.

SERGS is the gateway token to farm and mint NFTs. It will be staked across YOU/JUST/WIN pools. It is a single asset pool.

We will have 3 type of NFTs(Normal, Rare and Limited Edition) and 3 different combos which users can form, in order to mint the artwork they prefer. Once minted, user can choose to sell it in opensea marketplace.

Frontend interface is user-friendly. Below is the process,

  1. Approve SERGS
  2. Stake SERGS
  3. Withdraw farmed YOU/JUST/WIN
  4. Select the NFT and burn the required amount of YOU/JUST/WIN to mint.
  5. Minted NFT will fall under your wallet collections
  6. Select Opensea link and sell it under SERGS store. (if you want to)

Pools are seeded in the ratio of 720:810:150 (YOU:JUST:WIN).

Based on the ratio, the farming rate differs for each token and “WIN” will take longer time compare to other two.

So from the ratio, 150 WIN is the max amount of tokens that can be farmed in a month duration. Which means 5 WIN is the maximum amount that can be farmed per day among the poolers.

So your stake share depends on the number of users farming and the amount of tokens you have staked. Below is an example,

Assume there are 10 poolers and total number of SERGS staked is 1000. And if you have staked 100 SERGS, you are actually holding 10% of the pool share. So you are farming 10% of 5 WIN tokens per day.

You can relate this example with “YOU/JUST” as well, based on the ratio.

P.S YOU/JUST/WIN are non-tradeable tokens and it is meant to be farmed, burnt and mint NFTs out of it.

Below are the NFT combos,

Normal Edition = 6 YOU + 3 JUST
Rare Edition = 3 JUST + 1 WIN
Limited Edition = 6 YOU + 3 JUST + 1 WIN

Normal = Mints 500+
Rare = Mints 50 maximum
Limited Edition = Mints 20 maximum

There is no locking period for the staked SERGS. You can withdraw anytime you prefer.

We also have SSL token which will act as the multiplier to boost the farming rate. It is optional.

You can stake SSL with 2 days lock period if you would like to speed up the farming rate in the following linear way,

SSL Multiplier:

1 SSL = 1.1x
2 SSL = 1.2x
3 SSL = 1.3x
4 SSL = 1.4x
5 and more SSL = 1.5x

We will be releasing 6 NFTs initially.

NFT 1 = Buterin’s Vision (Rare)
NFT 2 = God of Oracle (limited edition)
NFT 3 = Croupier of DEX (Rare)
NFT 4 = Kingping of DeFi (limited edition)
NFT 5 = SERGS Fam (limited edition)
NFT 6 = Chain Sharders(Rare)

P.S SERGS token contract is inbuilt with 2.5% transaction fee, which means for any trades(buy/sell).transfer, stake or any interaction on chain, this fee is applied.

Thank You ! Cheers !



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