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2 min readOct 21, 2020


What exactly is SERGS and why should one buy that? It will be the gateway to mint NFTs.
SERGS will be staked to farm $YOU, $JUST and $WIN. These 3 tokens will then be burnt to mint NFTs in marketplace.

NFTs are not only crypto collectibles. The use case for them are huge. Art, in-game items, virtual assets and real world assets can be tokenized.
Metadata describes what makes this asset different from all the rest. Its rare, unique and indivisible. You cannot buy 20% of a plane ticket.

It is a one-to-one traded asset.

1. Traditional contracts are tokenized into NFT which can be used as collateral in borrow/lend platform.

2. Gift cards can be tokenized.

3. Merchandise items can be tokenized where the NFT can be used as a token of discount, to buy it from the merch store.

Yes, you heard that right. We also have the possibility to have a merchandise store similar to, where all chainlink/any other community related tees, hoodies, mugs, … can be sold. You can mint those items as NFT and can be traded from the merchant store. So now you can gift that NFT as a token of discount, where people can use it for discounted purchase.

There are lots of possibility built around NFT, and this is just the beginning.

Below are the SERGS tokenomics:

2.5% transaction fee applied for all trades that flow to fee treasury.

Fee Treasury Address —

Marketing Wallet Address- 0xc14123561da7238680a31267620380541276e83e

Reserved Token Address —

Total Supply: 1,100,000 (Deflationary)

Presale: 500,000
Uniswap Listing: 200,000
SocialPay Rewards: 50,000
Reserved: 50,000
Marketing: 100,000
SSL Liquidity Contributors: 120,000
Admin Team: 20,000
Burnt: 60,000

Makes the API call to your Twitter

When it comes to SocialPay, many assume it is a permanent program. NO! SocialPay will run until the reserved SERGS rewards are over. SocialPay is initially a social campaigning program where payouts are done in decentralized manner via smart contract. Each person can claim once a day.

Connect to your Zilliqa Wallet

Meanwhile have your zilpay wallet setup and ready. It’s similar to metamask. You can get your extension from and zilswap is on which is going live on October 5th!



SSL Comms

Decentralised Application for SocialPay and NFT