Dear Community

Our partner VeryNifty have developed a permission-less protocol to create ERC20 derivatives for your NFTs.

All the SERGS users who minted NFTs from SERGS Farm can create a new pool or add it to an existing pool and get ERC20 Token derivatives, those tokens can be transferred and…

Dear Community,

We are glad to collaborate with Very Nifty team whose primary focus is on NFT and creating user interactive games around their ecosystem.

I would say it is more like “digimon” on blockchain, where you feed your pets on a daily basis and have battles. …

Dear Community,

SERGS/LINK pair is live and trading at YFL’s LinkSwap. We added an approximate of 35K USD worth of liquidity.

42K SERGS + 1350 LINK

Below is the community update for the coming week,

  1. We are looking for a potential partnership with an interesting NFT project where users can wrap their farmed NFTs and use it in their platform the use cases.
  2. Governance portal to be rolled out for SSL.
  3. Additional 3 exclusive NFTs will be released within 1–2 weeks time range. This exclusive NFTs will be minted only once and there will be only one owner. This can be then auctioned out in OpenSea.

Thank You and Cheers !

Dear Community,

NFT dApp is scheduled to go live on 2nd of December at 11pm SGT. Below are the rules and necessary information you all should take note of.

SERGS is the gateway token to farm and mint NFTs. It will be staked across YOU/JUST/WIN pools. …

Dear Community,

You all should be aware about the 2.5% transaction fee, applied for every trades of SERGS. which flows into fee treasury. This fees are then recycled by liquidity providers and holders.

We highlighted that, burn function will be called every time fee treasury exceeds the 50K threshold.


Dear Community! This thread will explain SERGS token contract and how it works.

1. 2.5% transaction fee is applied for every trade(buy/sell)

2. This fee will be flowing to Fee Treasury

3. Deflationary model. 50K is the threshold for fee treasury and anything exceeding 50K will be burnt

4. Protocol…

Dear community,

The past few days have been quite hectic for the team and I,but I am very happy that most of the migration is complete!

SERGS token contract have 2.5% transaction fee function for each trade(buy/sell). This fee will act as the protocol fees for both SERGS and SSL…

SocialPay is the smart contract and decentralised version for rewarding tweeters. We will set prefix conditions on the smart contract which will query the data via twitter API.

SocialPay dApp link will go live on and shared on TG channel at 11pm SGT(Oct 22)!

How to claim SERGS?

On Tuesday Oct6, 6PM SGT, SSL and Zilliqa held an AMA to the SSL community in regards of their recently announced collaboration. Colin JG Miles (Co-CEO), Han Wen (Senior VP Ecosystem Development) and Milan Shoukri (Marketing manager) of Zilliqa joined us to answer all of the community’s questions as well…

What exactly is SERGS and why should one buy that? It will be the gateway to mint NFTs.
SERGS will be staked to farm $YOU, $JUST and $WIN. These 3 tokens will then be burnt to mint NFTs in marketplace.

NFTs are not only crypto collectibles. The use case…

SSL Comms

Decentralised Application for SocialPay and NFT

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